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Can you believe that...

Nearly a quarter of the European population is overweight, and the proportion of diabetics is close to 10%. These diseases can be greatly attributed to an inappropiate diet and a sedentary lifestyle.

Beneficial bacteria

A healthy digestive system hosts a multitude of beneficial bacteria. This cooperating bacterial community is called gut microbiome. Recent research suggests that the gut microbiome plays a key role in maintaining our health.

Fiber-rich diet

We can help the functioning of our gut microbiome by eating the right amount of dietary fibers. Unfortunately, we often consume only half of the recommended daily amount of fibers, which should be 35-40 grams for adults.


Fiber-rich snack for your health

Fruits, vegetables and certain seeds contain both soluble and insoluble dietary fibers. The human body needs both. Apples and beetroots contain large amounts of insoluble fibers, while carrots, hemp seeds and oat bran soluble ones.

Fiberbio snacks are designed so that a single pack covers half of your daily requirements of fibers. Since a diet rich in fiber is essential for the intestinal microbiome to function effectively, consumption of our products constributes to the maintenance of your health.

Environmentally conscious and responsible operation

About 10 billion liters of vegetable and fruit juice are produced in Europe every year. Pressed fibers left over during production are most often considered as useless by-products and, as such, are usually discarded.

We had the idea that we could prepare a valuable product out of the fibers considered useless, which are in fact the healthiest ingredients of fruits and vegetables. In our laboratory, applying a special and environmentally friendly technology, we manufacture out of these fibers healthy and additive-free snacks.

Our company pays special attention to responsible operation. We rely on local and regional producers in the procurement of raw materials, and we use only environmentally friendly solutions for packaging. Our commitment to the environment was recognized at the 2020 edition of the World Food Innovation Awards, where we won first prize in the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and Sustainability categories.

One product three flavors

All our products are based on a traditional recipe, which includes pressed apples, carrots, beetroots, oat bran and hemp seeds, enhanced by our own spice mix. Our fiber-rich snacks contain only natural ingredients, without colorants, preservatives or flavor enhancers. There are currently three flavors to choose from, available in 40 gram packages and at a target price of € 2.40. Besides our classic recipe, you can try our products containing more beetroot and curcuma.

Fiber-rich snack with squeezed apple, carrot and beetroot pomace, including pressed hemp seeds, oat bran and a special spice mix.

Less apple and more beetroots, which puts the specific color and taste of the vegetable in foreground.

Flavored with curcuma that gives to the classic snacks a yellowish color and an exciting, unique flavor.

Fiberbio Snacks

Natural ingredients

Lactose-free product

No added sugar

Rich in fiber

Healthy bites

Exciting flavors

Our story

Our team

Peter Hantz profile picture

Peter HANTZ, PhD

CEO, research scientist

Ha Phuong LE THI

Production manager

External collaborators


Marketing & PR








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